Workshop Organization

    The workshop is organized by the Laboratory of mathematical modeling of nonlinear processes, National Scientific Center for Medical and Biotechnical Research, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Scientific Comittee

 Peter Ashwin  Exeter University  
 Aleksandr Dmitriev  IRE-RAN Moscow  
 Martin Hasler  EPFL Lausanne  
 Yuri Maistrenko  NASU Kyiv  co-chair
 Arkady Pikovsky  Potsdam University  co-chair
 Alessandro Torcini  ISC-CNR Firenze  
 Matthias Wolfrum  WIAS Berlin  

Local Organizing Comittee

 Vladimir Maistrenko  NASU Kyiv  co-chair
 Anna Vasylenko  NASU Kyiv  scientific secretary
 Andrii Vozniuk
 NTUU "KPI"           
 Olena Maistrenko